About Me

  • Hi. I am Ken Kusuki. I am living in Tokyo, Japan.
  • I was born in Wakayama. The birth place is at the side of the old road to the Kumano shrine.
  • In my childhood, I saw the ghosts and felt the presence of the invisibles. But no one believed what I said and my mother terribly scolded me whenever I mentioned it. At last I gave up talking about it and soon I lost my ability to see them.
  • In my twenties, I was interested in the British spiritualism and went to England. I met some mediums and had a private sitting with one of them. I attended a morning and an evening services at one of the best Spiritualist Churches in London. Although they were very good mediums, I could not be satisfied with them because they only talked about one of my past family members and said nothing about what I was really waiting to hear, about the clairvoyance and clairsentience in my childhood.
  • After I came back to Japan, I was gradually losing my interest in Spiritualism. I thought it was difficult to be a spiritualist if you didn't know for certain that the life beyond the veil really existed. I couldn't find the way to prove the existence in such a manner that anyone, including myself, could know it absolutely certainly. The issue obsessed me for years and finally, as I wanted to be honest at my gut-feeling, I called myself as an agnostic.
  • It was only after I met my partner that my interest in the spiritual things came back to me. She happened to be a natural psychic and a wonderful clairaudient. For the first time in my life, I fully understood that we were surrounded and heartily protected by the spirits beyond the veil.