Silver Birch Again 9

Greetings, everyone.

We have three articles not to be ready to be published. Our channeller was very fast to channell but yet our scribe could not publish it because he was very busy. The themes of these three articles are good and we believe they attract your interest. But since today is Christmas Eve, we think all of you enjoy this day.

About the next year, I presume that the world circumstances are going to get worse. But this situation can be changeable if you deal with other people with unconditional love. Therefore, from this day, during the holiday season, I hope you start having good communication with your neighbors and keep a good relationship.

By keeping the good relationship with your neighbors, the safety of the local area is going to become better. If someone is in trouble, neighbors can help each other. Please do not forget that although the power of a person is small, it will be bigger if people gather together.

Maurice Barbanell, who was my previous channeller, declared in his will that he had been our channeller for the first time. We just wanted to do so for new channeller, and asked the channeller about this problem. Our channeller also decided in the same way. So this would be declared in the will of this channeller.

And we just want to notice you a hilarious story. Do you know how our channeller is channelling with us? Now the channeller lays down on the bed, looking at the screen of iPhone. This is the answer of the channeller to our request that we asked the channeller to be relaxed.

Our channeller is able to do conscious channelling and speak just what we want the channeller to speak exclusively precisely no matter in what condition the channeller is. Therefore, we would like you to understand that our channeller is not in a bad manner, but the channeller is responding to our request that the channeller should be relaxed and speak precisely.

This ability is the only peculiar to our channeller and one of the spiritual talents of our channeller. But everyone on the earth has his/her own spiritual talents. Only they have different talents.

Please try to investigate what kind of spiritual talents you have by looking for the documents on the Web or the books. Your life is more enjoyable if you know what kind of your spiritual talents you have.

Probably our next talk will be printed on the Web in January. But if you have questions to ask us, we are going to answer. Please write in simple English and they are three questions at most. This is our Christmas present.

But we will accept these questions only from the first 5 persons because we can not answer all the questions if there come too many questions. We will answer them on this blog. Please send messages to us through the scribe’s website.

We hope you like this present and everyone on the earth have happy times on the holidays. But do not forget the love and respect for God. We know that there are many countries which have multiple gods. And we also know that there are not only gods but also goddesses. These deities are different from the ascended masters. We want to mention this issue about the difference if we have the opportunity.

We hope that all of you have a good holiday.

John Brooks.

Silver Birch again 8

Good morning, everyone. I hope you are well.

There is a very long span between the articles. But it is needed for our scribe and channeler. We have been discussing many times what we should write on our blog when they were sleeping.

And we decided that we will write the article regarding the very sensitive people against the dark existences. Are you ready now? So let’s start.

At this time, there are many spiritual items in the world. And while we have been testing these commercial items, we came to the conclusion that the items of the Aurasoma in Britain were the best items for this purpose.

So we just want to make a small lecture for usage of these items. The “RED” of EQUILIBRIUM bottle supports your energy very strongly. Its support is so strong that you need to use it in the morning. The best time to use it is when you wake up.

And “DEEP RED” of Pommander is also good. This bottle protects you against the dark spiritual entities. With this bottle, I think many of you feel better.

Then “SERAPIS BEY” and “DJWAL KHUL” of Quintessence are also nice. These items keep you clear for some time. Please check the usage on the Web pages.

Possibly in some country, there are the online documents you can find. So it might be good that you try to find and read them.

Our channeler is very good at using these bottles. She focuses on this moment and chooses the bottles of EQUILIBRIUM, Pommander, and Quintessence suitable for the time of need. She did not study it officially but only had read the documents of them. But even so, she keeps very good skill of choosing the best bottles.

If you have any interest in these items, it would be good to go to school. (My channeler wants to go to the school and studies it when she can have a long vacation on the next time because she is busy now. In a sense, there is a tendency in the human world that people only acknowledge the person who has the qualification or the certification without paying attention whether they really master the subject.)

Our scribe uses “DEEP RED” of Pommander very often. He is very sensitive spiritually so that he has to protect himself from various dark energies.

If you study AURASOMA, you can understand that this system is extremely interesting. We would like to recommend you to study this system. This is a very useful system that we did not have in the past.

So we are looking forward to seeing you the next time. Thank you.

Silver Birch Again 7

Greetings, everyone. I am John Brooks.

There was a long time span between the talks. It was because both the medium who had been receiving our messages and the scribe who had been writing down the messages and translating them into English were busy.
Even in those times, we were communicating through the talks in dreams or channelings in a short time.
And the result is the today’s story.

This time, we would like to talk about the attraction of money. Maybe you have some interest, I presume.

If you are not able to have pride in your job or have dissatisfaction and discontent, you cannot love your job. When you are in such a state, you need to change your job. You need such things that you are full of pride and happiness when you are working, and commitment that you do not compromise your daily work.

It has no problem when you are lucky enough to have already a good job, or possibly you may find such a job. But there are problems when you can not change your job. In such a case, you need to take action for your job. Simply speaking, love your job. (But it is not including bad jobs at black companies.)

If you do not have enough salary now, imagine that you are promoted and get better salary. And if you are in the company that there is no possibility of such a promotion, it would be better for you to change the job, thinking what a job you should choose and how much salary you want to get. When you change the job, you have to listen to your heart for what you really want to make you happy.

And in other way, it is also good that you go to the different dimensional universe, where your dream already has come true, and get the spiritual force or power shared from yourself who have already fulfilled your dream, and ask him/her for the way of thinking and the objective you really need. This can be done by guided meditation.

As returning to the original theme, this guided meditation is the law of attraction itself. You attract the thing you are dreaming of, by going to the parallel universe where your dream has come true, or by going to the dimension where your dream has been fulfilled.

At that place where there is what you want, you can touch it, you can feel the satisfaction of having gotten it, or you can have any other feelings and emotions. As you have already noticed, this is the feeling of happiness and the love for it.

In order to attract something, you must be positive to the object. Stronger your positiveness is, faster your dream comes true. Let’s start from a tiny thing at the beginning. For example, you want eat a donut. For the first several times, you intend that you have eaten a donut, and pray to the spirits in the high dimension. Then if within a few days your intention is fulfilled, your power of attraction is active.

But do not be disappointed if your power of attraction is not active. Your intention will be fulfilled if you go to the confectionery and buy a donut.

After you feel the satisfaction of your dream being fulfilled at the unconscious mind level fully, then please intend that you want to drink a cup of coffee for the next time. Of course, you can intend a cup of tea instead of coffee. Please choose and concentrate on your favorite beverage, and try to attract it or go out to buy it. What the most important thing is the satisfaction that you get your favorite item. And it has nothing to do with the way whether your prayer was fulfilled or you used other method to get the item.

As you come to know once you try to start to attract something, the most significant part is the satisfaction that you got the item and the love for it. It might be good that you write how much you love the item you get on the notebook or diary.

This is the elementary step of the law of attraction. The next step is told the next time.

Have a good night. Thank you.

Silver Birch again 6

Greetings. Lady and gentleman. A Happy Holiday!! We are holy brotherhood and sisterhood…


Hello, everyone on earth! Our medium always receives our messages in her own mother’s tongue. But today, as a new trial, we talked to her in English. The result is the message above.

So we decided again to talk to the medium in her own mother’s tongue as everyone has his/her skillful language. If we do so, our message would appear more often on this blog.

The medium received this message only in two minutes before the scribe wrote it down. We are very happy because the medium receives our message very fast and precisely enough. And we think we continue to work with the medium and the scribe.

We hope all you have nice happy holidays. And believe or have the intent that you are always surrounded by Love.

Thank you.

Silver Birch again 5

I am John Brooks, one of the members of the Silver Birch Brotherhood. It has been a long time since we had the last talk. I hope you are well. In the spiritual world, all people are well, but in the three dimensional world, things are different. Last time, we talked about the law of attraction. And this time, I want to talk about the same topic again.

Last time, we talked about the fact in which you can live in more abundance when you love your house because the vibration of love returns to you. This time, we talk about other realm of the law of attraction such as works.

When we search a job, we tend to choose it based on the merits of the offered job. But we can do nothing but leave the company, if the company is surrounded by negative energies or there are too many employees who are submitting negative energies. When you are in such a company for a long time, the vibration of your soul becomes dull, and your health condition becomes stale for the lack of love.

Therefore, the most important is that you have to hope to choose the company that is surrounded by love fully. You need to hope it sincerely, pray that it will be reality, and repeat the positive affirmation with full of love daily.

But the law of attraction does not work well, if you think at the bottom of your heart that these actions are meaningless, will not be reality, or that the law of attraction is merely an illusion or a dream. This will make your lower level hope become reality, and your true hope is blocked to come true.

As the most powerful hope comes true, even the negative hope can be reality in this law of attraction. Thus you should always have the hope that is full of love and do it in the condition where you are surrounded by high vibration. If you think it difficult that you have hope which is full of love, then you can think you have hope which is full of light. Please have your hope in either way that you think preferable.

And it is also important that you have to imagine that your dream will come true in the future and you will be very happy. Please remember that your hope is going to be reality always.

Next time, we will continue to talk about the law of attraction again. Have a good night. Thank you.

Silver Birch again 4

“Greetings, everyone on earth!

Do you have any gratitude for the house in which you are living? Do you have any complaint about it because it is not large enough or it is not satisfying? Or do you think your house is nice and pleasant?

Previously we have talked about love and the maras. And today’s topic about your house is also about the story of love.

Love is an emotion that vibrates in high frequency. The vibration has influence on your physical body, all energy fields in above three-dimentional world, auras and chakras. And it also has influence on the houses that are physical three-dimentional substances.

The more you think your house is comfortable, the more you attract love that is emitted from the vast universe. In the consequence, the house is going to be wrapped with higher frequent vibration, which makes the house much more comfortable.

On the contrary, the more you have complaints about your house, the less you have love for the house, and it attracts lower frequent vibration, which makes the house much more unpleasant.

You know what I am talking about. It is the law of attraction. You attract money. You attract person. You attract things. And you attract every lovely gifts that are given by the Great White Spirit. Or, in some cases, you attract the maras that are in great thirst for love.

On the next occasion, I will talk about a technique about the law of attraction. I hope you read this blog with love. So long.”

Silver Birch again 3

“Greetings. Tonight, as I said before, we will talk again about the ones that are in great thirst for Love. They are unconsciously seeking love and wanting to be loved by someone so much that, as far as we see, they can not help but attack the humans.

It is very obvious that their ways of attacking bring you much trouble. For example, when the attacks occur, you feel pain in the chest, feel somehow heavier than usual, or feel tired. It is just like as when you are dominated by some negative emotions.

In order to prevent these symptoms, you need to cut the cords that are attached between you and the mara. These cords are called as psychic cords or ethereal cords. In some cases they can be healthy ones, but in most cases they are unhealthy cords.

When you have these unhealthy cords attached, they bring you the symptoms such as tiredness, weariness, pain in the chest or the feeling of heaviness of your body.

To heal these symptoms, just call the one who have the sacred swords and ask him/her to cut the cords. I just like to mention here Archangel Michael as an example.

Because Michael is an angel, he can not cut the cords without your request. When you request Archangel Michael to do it, just say to him like such, ‘Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please cut all the unnecessary cords attached to me’.

If you are a great clairsentient, you feel shaken or relieved when the cords are cut. Or if you are a great clairvoyant, you are going to see the scene that he is cutting the cords. So far is tonight. We will talk about the remaining of the story on the next occasion.”

Silver Birch again 2

“It is the second time for us to have a contact here. As I did before, I will talk about the souls that are in the dark, suffering from ceaseless pains in their inner darknesses. The souls are called as ‘maras’ in Buddhism. Today I would like to enlighten and demystify you about the maras. As more people come to know the way to save the maras, as more abundant and more brilliant the world will become.

As the maras almost know nothing about ‘Love’, they are unconsciously in the great thirsty in Love. Giving love to the maras is not only the first step to save them, but also is the path to follow the words ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour.’

Jesus was the one who practically followed the path. But why did he do that? It is not so difficult for you to recognize the reason as to the extent I have to explain here in detail. It is because the maras are the ones that are as completely same as yourselves.

In a sense, the maras are fearful of facing love so much that they might hesitate to have their own spiritual progress. The spiritual progress, in this dialogue, means to turn back into the light. When they are turning back into the light, they will be tuned with the spirits of yourselves, vibrate each other, and finally it will bring love and peace to the cosmic universe.

The remains, however, are to be told on the next occasion. Have a good night.

John Brooks.”

Silver Birch again 1

Today, I had a contact with an existence who called himself as a member of the brotherhood of Silver Birch. Previously I had had some very short contacts with one of the members but this is the first time that I have long one. Even now I can not completely believe it but he was so pressing that I would like to publish this contact log.

“Greetings, all people on earth. Blessings for you all.

As you have already known, this is a wonderful moment to commemorate our new partnership, not only because we have a first contact, but also because this will become the testimony that we have had a contact with human beings again at the dawn of the new era.

I am one of the members of the brotherhood called ‘Silver Birch’ that had spoken through Maurice Barbanell in the 20th century. As a member of the brotherhood, I would like to be anonymous, but in this conversation you can call me as ‘John Brooks’ for example.

I think I am trying to talk here about the fact that in this world there are the souls not yet to be saved, and the ways that we can take to save them.

These souls are the ones that are deeply indulging themselves in the darkness and that are not able to walk towards the light. In order to save them, you can pray to the Great White Spirit that they could walk towards the light, or pray to the angels that they shall lead them towards the light.

And yet the simplest way is ‘Love’. When you direct your love towards that kind of the souls, they shall be saved and cleansed in the world of light.

It is so far today, because it is the first day for us. The remains are to be told at the next occasions.

For all the existence on earth that has life. With all my love from the bottom of my heart.

John Brooks”

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